As Broadcast Professionals, we understand the art of News creation, production and delivery. This is because we do not just talk when we interview our guests; we bring onboard a set of skills that take us and the guest beyond the plains of mere conversation to a level where information is communicated to the viewer or listener without missing out the facts, thus exceeding a target mark that puts our Clients in the centre of the News making the rounds.

Every event that is Newsworthy is a target assignment, and even when there is no News worth telling, we create one. This is what we do, and we love it!

Our services include:


We cover events and document your stories in a way that they can be utilized for publicity at any point in time. Some events we cover include the following:

  1. AGMS
  4. SHOWS


As a Production Company, we delight in helping our Clients birth their dreams and ideas from conceptualization to activation. Our production list include the following:

  1. Radio & TV Shows
  2. Radio Jingles
  3. TV Commercials
  4. Online Broadcast Management


After post production of Events covered by us, we give our Clients the option of deciding whether or not they want it broadcast on the Show or any TV Station of their choice. When you choose to have your event broadcast on the Show, we exceed expectations as we take on the responsibility of having the clips make its round on the internet.


Through our Entrepreneurship School we provide capacity building opportunities for both Micro and small business owners. We make our programs accessible to all Entrepreneurs at this level whether aspiring or in business already. Our focus is on the following:

  1. Capacity building
  2. Facilitation & training
  3. Skills development